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[Aug. 13th, 2004|10:56 pm]
Dani Girl
[B]Wow, I havent updated in ages. Wanted to update again and read all the new updates that have been written by my friends.

Liam and Jordan are great.. Keeping me busy and i have little to no time for the internet and can hop on for a few moments at a time. Mark's relatives are here from Lebanon and Mark isnt having a good time with it all. He hates having the family functions and he has said more then once that he hates having to have me and the boys being subjected to his 4th cousins bullshit. She is very racist & Mark hasnt seen her since he was 5 so he doesnt remeber them at all and he hates the fact that she is trying to get involved in mine and Mark's life.

Anyways. This weekend is all about me, Mark and the boys! Can ya believe that Jordan is 5 months? Almost half a year old :( my baby is getting so big. Liam is still a FANTASTIC big brother and loves every minute with Jordan. We are putting him back in preschool and he goes back not this week but the following week for just 3 days a week. So it will be good for him to get back into socalizing with kids his age etc.

Anyways thats it from me for now[/B]