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Update [Feb. 16th, 2006|04:04 pm]
Dani Girl
Its been 4 months since i posted last.

Jordan will be 2 in only a few weeks & Liam is 5 in a few months. Time has certainly flown by. We recently moved into a new house, which is located close to the beach and i love it.

My dad was in a car accident a few days before our move and he broke his leg and his collar bone in two places which resulted in him getting surgery on his collar bone and getting two pins in there to help it heal.. He's doing well now though thankgod.

My sister Jackie is getting married in early 2007, so i'm in charge of picking the bridesmaids dresses i hope i do a good job lol.

I'm pregnant, due September 27th. I'm 8 weeks along and we heard the heartbeat last week and had a u/s and baby is doing PERFECTLY well in there. So i'm reassured that i'm having a healthy pregnancy. This pregnancy is totally different to my pregnancies with my boys, i have ' morning sickness ' in the afternoon which has never happened before - but i'm craving cheesecake like i did with Jordan. So i hope this means i'm having a girl this time. I WANT A GIRL lol.

Anyways thats it