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Update [Jun. 21st, 2006|05:08 pm]
Dani Girl
[mood |calmcalm]

Well its been awhile since i updated last so i thought i would.

Where to start.

Liam is 5 now, turned 5 last month ( May 5th ) and im still having a hard time believeing that my first born is going to start kindergarden next year. Where has the time gone? I'm currently homeschooling him his preschool activies after an incident that happened at his preschool in April. To make sure my son's safety was in the right hands, i decided to keep him home with me and Jordan and do all the activies with him myself. Atleast i know where he is, and who is with and that he is safe. 

Jordan turned 2 in March ( March 1st ) and hes getting big too. Hes getting interested in a few things aswell, so in the midst of teaching Liam his preschool activites, i teach Jordan a few different things each week. Its amazing how much they learn. With everything the way it is with Liam's homeschooling process, i'm going to teach Jordan all preschool activites at home aswell. I dont trust preschools out there anymore and im not going to risk the safety of Jordan, just incase something simular happens to him as it did with Liam.

I'm pregnant, i think i told you all that. I'm 26 weeks along now and we're having a GIRL. I had my 25th week appointment last wenesday and everything is good. Baby's heartbeat is strong and my BP, weight and urine are good too. I did the glucose test last week and ew lol the taste has not changed. I'm glad thats over with.
I have my 29 week appointment on the 13th of July and i get a u/s done straight after that and we're going to see how baby is doing and see if shes really a girl lol. I dont want to see a penis since i've gotten quite alot of girlie outfits. 

We're naming baby, Brooklynn Grace and shes due September 27th. We're getting therre. We're in the double digits, only 98 days to go.

DH and i are good too. Busy planning for B's appearance and raising the boys.

I'm active on a board, i love it. The website is www.ladies-connect.com i've been reunited with alot of old friends that i posted with at other boards a few years back. Its great.

Thats about it. Update, ended.